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Our Services

Steam Beams

Saw Cutting

All of our structural steel, pipe and tubing products can be cut from stock sizes down to smaller specified
lengths. Material can be straight cut in bundle quantities or miter cut in single lengths. YPS utilizes both
vertical and horizontal band saws.

Steel cutting - Youngstown Pipe & Steel

Plate Burning

Burnouts from plates are produced on one of the company’s four burning machines in thicknesses
ranging from 1/8″ up to 12″. YPS utilizes both oxy-fuel and plasma burning with True Hole technology. If
you can draw it we can cut it. Burnouts can be deburred or shot blasted in our Wheel-O-Brator.


Pipe Threading & Grooving

Pipe can be ordered plain end, threaded or threaded and coupled. Close attention is paid to threading
to the proper specified length and the threads are checked before being shipped. YPS can roll groove or
cut groove pipe from 1″ to 12″ inch diameter and can thread pipe from 1/8″ to 4′ diameter.

Steel drilling and tapping

Drilling & Tapping

YPS can drill and tap holes in plate, pipe, tubing, beams, angle, etc. Depending on the
application/material we can drill holes up to 2″ in diameter and tap holes up to 1-1/2″ in diameter.

Steel Plates

Blasting & Painting

Our Wheel-O-Brator shot blasting machine can clean rust, scale and debris from steel products to
prepare them for primer and paint. The machine can handle materials 32″ tall/wide and up to 60 feet in
length. YPS can apply primer and paint to any of the blasted material.

Steel pipe welder - service provided at Youngstown Pipe & Steel


YPS offers structural steel welding services to our customers. Let us free up time in your shop by not
only cutting and burning steel your steel, but welding it for you as well

YPS Truck

Truck Delivery

Our skilled and courteous drivers deliver over 95% of our products via our dedicated fleet of dependable
trucks. We put trucks on the road every day to help promise the customer an on-time delivery within an
approximate 120 mile radius.

Man and woman shaking hands, making an agreement

Vendor Managed Inventory

We can stock and monitor our on location inventorv. Stock replenishment is based on optimized
inventor levels to ensure availability while also minimizing working capital.

Our Dedicated Team Has You Covered

The dedicated professionals of YPS bring experience and knowledge to help spec and source your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the best value creating a competitive edge in a fast changing and dynamic business environment.